ACU Digital Camouflage MOLLE II 6 Magazine AR 15 / 16 Bandolier

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Genuine Military Issue Molle Magazine Bandolier

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Just a couple of comments on this item. First, these are genuine Military issue. They are in Very Good to Excellent condition and come as you see in the photographs. The bandolier will hold 6 Mil-Spec. magazines in Metal. If you are using plastic magazines, they will hold two, however, you will not be able to snap the cover over them as the plastic magazines take up more room. If you use one Plastic magazine per pouch you can snap the top over over them no problem. We tested them so you don’t have too. Either way, this is a serious piece of kit for a little money. Know what you are buying. Please Note, shipping is 5.50 and may vary on quantity ordered.

Snap closures

Adjustable shoulder strap to carry independently

Holds size 30 round double magazines for M-16/M-4 series weapons

Dimensions: 8.25″ x 11.25″ x 1.75″

1 review for ACU Digital Camouflage MOLLE II 6 Magazine AR 15 / 16 Bandolier

  1. John D.

    These are in excellent condition, I don’t even think they have been issued. I ordered two of them, one for me, one for a coworker that is new to the gun world and I’m trying to corrupt him to the best of my abilities. I’ve assembled him a decent AR, and now it is time to begin the lifelong process of accumulating all the trinkets, nicknacks, accoutrements, bells, whistles, and a smidge of whatnots. Just kidding, he’s got a bare bones (albeit quality) 5.56 carbine, rocking the A4 carry handle. Since I didn’t see it practical for my newly inducted gun enthusiast to be toting his mags in his pockets, I decided to pick him up one of these bandoliers. I’ve had a few and have gifted a few and honestly, they’re just handy to have. If excrement hits the oscillating wind pusher, grab the bandolier, grab the carbine, move to contact. This bandolier is like a modern day powder horn. It isn’t the most ideal “tacticool” way to carry and deploy magazines but by gosh, it works. Old Russian saying; better is the enemy of good enough. As for the whole purchasing process, Falcon Arms performed admirably. I placed my order on Saturday, I received tracking info on Monday around lunch time (central time). My parcel arrived by Thursday, properly packed, all intact. I couldn’t be more impressed, especially given the current climate regarding boom stick related goods. Fine work Falcon Arms, damn fine work. Thank y’all for all you do. Keep up the exceptional work! Take care y’all!

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